Sun-kissed and

caressed by the sea.

Ischia is the largest of the islands of the Campania archipelago with a surface area of over 46 square kilometres. Pithecusa – so named by colonists from Euboea in the 8th century B.C. – is considered the oldest Greek colony in the western Mediterranean.
The island of Ischia is volcanic in nature and its jagged coasts, full of peaks and promontories, extends over a perimeter of 35 km. The hilly and semi-mountainous landscape ends at the 788 m of Mount Epomeo.
Distributed in six municipalities:

Ischia, for those who love social life, shopping and relaxation. Don’t miss the Castello Aragonese, Michelangelo’s Tower and the numerous beaches.

Casamicciola Terme owes its fame to its thermal springs, among the oldest on the island. A pleasant walk among the paths and pine trees of Monte Cretaio and a relaxing day at the Castiglione Thermal Park are unmissable.

Lacco Ameno, known for the characteristic Fungo, a mushroom-shaped rock which is the distinctive landmark of the municipality, and for the enchanting bay of San Montano, where the Negombo Thermal Park, set of numerous films, is also located.

Forio, fascinating for its landscapes, for the beauty of its nature and for the various activities to do. Pleasant walks among lush gardens are highly reccommended, such as the famous Giardini La Mortella and Giardini Ravino. In the historic centre there are monuments such as the Torrione and the Chiesa del Soccorso. Kilometers of beaches to discover: Citara, Cava dell’isola, Chiaia and the suggestive rocky bay of Sorgeto. Furthermore, for those who love thermal spas and beaches, the Poseidon Thermal Gardens is the best choice.

Serrara Fontana is famous for Sant’Angelo, a picturesque landscape with a tourist port, enriched by shops, restaurants and bars located in the square and among the characteristic alleys of the village.

Barano, renowned for the largest beach on the island, Maronti, and the stimulating waters of the Nitrodi spring.
In addition to its natural beauty, the island is well-known for the richness of its thermo-mineral waters. The prodigious qualities of the waters of Ischia have been famous since the times of ancient Rome. Even nowadays the island is among the most renowned spa resorts for the care of soul and body.

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